1. What do I get for my contribution?

Under $200 is “Donor” – family name on website
$200 – $499 - Supporter – one family name or two individual names + family name on website*
$500-999 (Silver) - family name + 4 individual names + family name on website
$1000 above (Gold) – Family name + 6 individual names + family name on website
$2500 (Platinum) – we will discuss individually + family name on website

If you donate any amount and are a Corrales citizen of 20+ years you will be designated as a Heritage Donor

All donors will be listed in a Corrales Comment Ad.

2. Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes. Your donations go to Corrales MainStreet, a 501(c)(3) organization, and we will send you a receipt via email.

3. Where does the Pathway go?

Corrales Road from West Meadowlark to Dixon Road on one side or the other connected with crosswalks. There will be four or five of them.

4. What is the cost of entire Pathway and where will the funds come from?

The cost of the full Pathway could be as much as $1.5 million. Funds will be coming from Corporate, State and Federal grants, State Capital Outlay, Village of Corrales bonds and private donations.

5. What are the phases of the project?

The proposed Phase 1 is the installation of Pathway plus landscaping from West Ella north to the Corrales Elementary School crosswalk. Phase 2 and beyond will be money dependent.

6. What will the Pathway be made of?

The Pathway will be a hard surface. The actual material and color will be determined during the final design phase which is scheduled to start in early 2019.

7. What will make the Pathway attractive?

The Corrales Garden Tour has raised sufficient money for landscaping and its’ maintenance. Various art pieces will be solicited from the art community and installed where there is room.

8. Who is managing the Corrales Pathway project?

This is a Corrales MainStreet Project under the direction of Allan Tinkham..

9. Are there right-of-way issues?

The Pathway will be built on State right-of-way. Current plans will not disturb structures (such as walls) that already exist on the right-of-way.

10. If pledging for this first round of fundraising, when is my donation due?

By the end of 2018 for tax purposes. We will contact you when payment is due!

11.How much is needed for Phase 1?

Phase One is considerably more costly than originally anticipated. Because of the need for Environmental Impact and Cultural Impact studies and construction supervision in a NMDOT right-of-way, the cost of design and construction will be between $221,000 and $271,000.

12. How much money does Corrales MainStreet currently have to design and build the Pathway?

MainStreet has collected from Garden Tours, Grants, Donations and Pledges approximately $170,000. Design fees to date have been $15,000. About $120,000 is earmarked for design fees or landscaping.

13. What has to happen next?

a. One on one meetings with property owners on Phase 1 route.
b. Hire a Landscape Architect to continue design process.
c. Get approvals from DOT, State Historic Preservation Office, and Corrales Post Office.
d. Hold a public meeting here in Corrales.
e. Final Pathway alignment, design and landscape design.
f. Draw up construction documents for Phase 1 and be “shovel-ready”.
g. Bidding process and selection of construction contractor and landscape contractor.
h. Raise up to $229,000 during the next year.

14. Is there a schedule and when will groundbreaking happen?

There is a schedule. The final design and construction documents will be finished by the end of 2019. Ground breaking will be by the middle of 2020 for the Phase 1 section if sufficient funds have been raised.

15. Is it for sure?

Although there are some approval and fund raising hurdles, all parties involved are positive about it. We have been diligent about keeping them informed. No promises, of course, but we have gone much further in planning this project than in the past. We have an energized, dedicated team working to bring this to fruition! At any one time there are from 10 to 20 people actively working on the Pathway project.

16. Where will my donation be kept and what if the project doesn’t happen?

Corrales MainStreet has a separate account for the donations and will be able to issue refunds if, for some reason, the Pathway is not built.